One day accredited conference



Professor Raymond Tallis

BM, BCh, MA, FRCP, LittD, DLitt, FMedSci


Thursday 21st April 2005


Newbury Racecourse

Conference Centre




Following the success of  the Action in Neuro-Rehab conference, several of the speakers have allowed us to make their presentations available on our website. Would you please note, however:

None of the slides and images in these presentations may be copied or reproduced without the explicit permission of the originator


NB: the presentations marked ** are very large, and we would recommend that you only attempt to view them if you have a broadband connection.

Dr. Mike Gillespie

Prof. Derick Wade

Prof. Ian Swain **

Prof. John Young

Prof. Raymond Tallis **

Susan Edwards


Other interesting information:

Results of delegates' evaluations

'Action in Neuro-Rehab' brochure (this requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Conference speakers' CVs

Conference location - Newbury Racecourse


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