Frequently Asked Questions about the

National Neurological Alliance


What is the Neurological Alliance? 

The Neurological Alliance is a collaborative forum of a wide range of neurological charities with the main objective of improving the quality of life for people in the UK affected by a neurological condition. 

Our aims are to: 

What does the Neurological Alliance do? 

The Neurological Alliance:

How many people live with neurological conditions in the UK? 

There are currently no accurate figures for the number of people with neurological conditions in the UK. The Neurological Alliance is currently working on a project to try to establish some reliable working statistics. The results of our findings will be posted on the Neurological Alliance website, so, please watch this space...

Where does Neurological Alliance get its money from? 

The Alliance receives money from a variety of sources including membership fees, government funding, grants from trusts, corporate sponsorship and individual donations. The full audited accounts for July 2001 June 2002 are available from the Neurological Alliance office on request. Please email the Alliance.

How do I join the Neurological Alliance? 

Full membership is open to any non-profit organisation which supports the aims of the Alliance. To join, complete and return the membership form.

Where can I find out more about a particular neurological condition? 

Contact the appropriate member organisation from the Alliance's list of members. If in doubt, email the Alliance.